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Research and Advocacy Programme to Promote Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Development Activities

Empowering communities in resource management for sustainable livelihoods
The Centre for Research and Development works with community based organisations to empower communities to derive sustainable benefits from the exploitation of their natural resources.CRD is facilitating capacity building training programmes on resource management to increase the community’s knowledge base on sustainable resource utilization for community development. This initiative empowers communities with skills on sustainable management of natural resources. The programme also provides training for community based advocacy skills on the sovereign rights of communities to benefit from natural resource exploitation.CRD has successfully facilitated the formation of Arda Relocation Development Trust (ARDT), Chimanimani Development Trust (CDT) and Penhalonga Community Development Trust (PCDT) in Manicaland Province. Through CBOs, CRD has established partnerships with the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) on soli and water conservation, preservation of biological diversity and forest protection. These initiatives are contributing towards the objective of achieving sustainable development.

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