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Business and Human Rights Resource Centre 24 August 2016 Zimbabwe: NGO says diamond mines and takeover by gvt has left communities worse off read more

News Day 6 July 2016 Pressure mounts on Chidakwa over underperforming ZCDC read more

News Day June 22 2016 Disband underperforming ZCDC, govt urged read more .

POWERFM987 ‘Zimbabwe Elderly Relocated For Diamond Mine.’ read more

Times Live 13 June 2016 Zimbabwe villagers displaced by diamond mining hope to see action from government          read more

All Africa 6 April 2016 Zimbabwe: Marange Diamond Firm Fined U.S$1, 000 for Polluting Save, Singwizi Rivers            read more

New Zimbabwe 26 March 2016 Gold panner killed as mine shaft collapses read more

News Day 17 March 2016 Civil society accuses govt of sleeping on duty read more

AID (Agenda for International Delelopment) 15 March 2016 DIAMONDS ON THE INSIDE read more

MONGABAY 15 March 2016 Abuse, displacement, pollution: the legacy of Zimbabwe’s Marange diamonds read more

Sunday Mail 13 March 2016 Reclaiming Chiadzwa’s lost promise read more

Zimbabwe Situation 7 March 2016 Mugabe must explain diamond revenue looting read more

VOA March 4 2016 Zimbabwe State Security Agents Allegedly Violating Human Rights in Diamond Mining Fields read more

The Zimbabwean 4 March 2016 Relocated villagers lose out on compensation read more

VOA 4 March 2016 Nyaya Ina Loirdham Moyo read more

CRD Blogspot 3 March 2016 Marange Update read more

CRD Blogspot 28 February 2016 CRD has been calling for cessation of Marange mining operations since 2013 read more

News Day 25 February 4 Arrested for attempted Chiadwa looting read more


News Day 24 February 2016 Zanu PF must come clean on diamond proceeds read more

The Africa Report Zimbabwe central bank governor decries diamond industry secrecy read more

New Zimbabwe 8 February 2016 Marange villagers say diamond miners must feed the hungry as famine bites        read more

Digital Journal 8 February 2016 Breadbasket of Africa is empty as severe drought continues read more

Reuters 8 February 2016 Surrounded by Diamonds, Villagers Go Hungry in Drought-hit Zimbabwe read more

Mining Zimbabwe 1 February 2016 Caledonia Mining Corporation Q&A: Zimbabwe – perception, indigenisation & the operating benefits read more

Daily News 11 December 2015 Marange Diamond firms to commence operations read more

News Day 2 December 2015 2 illegal diamond panners drown at Chiadzwa read more

News Day 20 October 2015 Govt urged to crack whip on diamond companies read more

News Day 30 September 2015 ‘Probe diamond mining companies’ read more

News Day 29 September 2015 Diamond mining firm accused of polluting water sources read more

Herald 9 September 2015 Zuma convenes mining indaba read more

Soutehern Eye 27 August 2015 Zimbabwe’s Mineral Wealth – From Purse to Curse read more

Zimbabwe Situation 24 July 2015 Marange brutality continues read more

Daily News 2 July 2015 Mining Income tax drafts aproved read more

News Day 8 June 2015 Mphoko accused of abusing power in mine reopening case read more

NewsDeZimbabwe 3 June 2015 Conservationists flee CIO read more

NewZimbabwe 1 June 2015 Diamond workers blast mbada management read more

NewsDay 13 May 2015 Zimbabwe holds third diamond auction read more

Zimbabwe Situation 11 May 2015 Alluvial Diamond Mining in Marange read more

Sunday Mail 12 April 2015 Seven diamond bosses face the axe read more

The Standard 15 March 2015 Merging mining firms raises suspicion read more

News Day 10 March 2015 Poygamous man family camp at DA’S office read more

Herald 25 February 2015 Essar deal renegotiated read more

Zimbabwe Situation 24 February 2015 Two dead as police clash with illegal miners read more


You Tube 6 February 2015 Know About the Publish What You Pay Zimbabwe Campaign read more

Herald 6 February 2015 Zimbabwe: DTZ Suspends Rehabilitation of Gold Mine read more

New Zimbawe 10 January 2015 Marange Villagers irate as rains destroy homes read more

Youtube 5 November 2014 CRD Quoted in BBC Hard talk Interview read more

Herald 10 November 2014 Indian tycoon in 1m diamonds gold scandal read more

Newsday 29 October 2014 Polygamous Chiadzwa man invades teachers’ cottages read more

Bulawayo 24 31 October 2014 Community Share Trusts: 'So what?' attitude at play read more


The Zimbabwean 1 October 2014 Civil society slams Marange mines merge read more

The Standard September 7 2014 New Bullet lodged in Marange villager’s head Zimbabwe read more

New Zimbabwe 29 September 2014 Minister to reveal Marange Audit read more


Zimbabwe Situation 26 September 2014 ‘Audit Marange firms before merger’ read more

Herald 26 September 2014 Legislators castigate EMA read more read more

Manica Post 25 September 2014 Diamond leakages rock Chiadzwa read more

New Zimbabwe 23 September 2014 Audit Marange FIRMS before merger gvt told read more

Sunday Mail 20 September 2014 Mining companies to merge read more

Daily News 3 August 2014 Kambeni 14 wives invade Anjin houses read more

New Zimbabwe Minerals to back 10 Bln China Loan read more

Bulawayo24 Stolen Zimbabwean diamonds recovered read more

The Zimbabwean 25 June 2014 Indaba hears shocking details of police brutality in Marange read more

News Day June 21 2014 Arda Transau settlers take govt head-on read more

10 July 2016 Diplaced Marange Villagers starve as miners scoot read more

All Africa 18 June 2014 Zimbabwe: Marange Diamond Region Hit By 'Panic and Uncertainty' read more

The Zimbabwean 28 May 2014 Marange loopholes must be plugged read more

NewsDay 13 June 2014 $3m diamond scam takes new twist read more

The Zimbabwean 23 April 2014 Villagers face water crisis at Arda Transau read more

NewsDay 17 April 2014 8 months without pay for Marange guards read more

Zimbabwe Situation 15 April 2014 Indigenisation Act designed to “benefit politicians” read more

Zimbabwe Situation 14 April 2014 Mugabe blasted over mining licences read more

New Zimbabwe 10 March 2014 Shutdown Chiadzwa Civic society groups read more

all Africa 18 March 2014 Belgium diamond group criticized after confessing to ZANU PF lobbying read more

Zimbabwe Situation 26 February 2014 ZANU PF faces ‘test’ over fate of diamond profits read more

Zimbabwean Situation 26 February 2014 Blood continues to be spilled in Marange read more

News day 21 January 2014 Report exposes abuses at Chiadzwa read more

Zimbabwe Situation 16 January 2014 “Responses from company security officials continue to be brutal and heavy handed,” CRD Report July to December 2013. read more

SW Radio 7 January 2014 Govt urged to assist villagers affected by Chiadzwa diamond mining read more

Zimbabwe Situation 23 October 2013 Govt accused of ‘reneging’ on food relief commitments read more

NewsDay 23 October 2013 Anjin abandoning us — former Chiadzwa villagers read more

The Manica Post 24-30 May 2013 - $500 000 needed to rehabilitate Nyanyadzi, Nenhowe schemes read more

The Manica Post 24-30 May 2013-Editorial Comment-Nyanyadzi irrigation scheme neglected for too long read more




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