Civic Education



Civic Education Programme Activities
The CRD’s civic education program is conducted through rural and urban workshops, public meetings, community exchange programs and seminars where communities are educated and trained on the following 5 thematic areas;

I.Human Rights and good governance
Traditional leaders, councillors, youth, women, pastors among other community leaders are trained on human rights leadership vis-à-vis qualities of a good leader, roles of a leader in development and good governance. It is widely believed and argued at public, governmental level that good governance is the most basic method of conflict prevention and so it has been implemented by societies in Africa and beyond. The civic education program gives CRD an opportunity to educate communities on the need to realise the fundamental importance of human rights and good governance.CRD discovered that when community leaders understand the concept and practice of human rights,transparency, accountability, civic participation, responsiveness and rule of law they cannot be manipulated easily by politicians. This will also create an environment where community members can exercise their rights and participate in community development processes without fear. Thus good governance is the heart bit of development and democracy.




















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