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Mutare river alluvial gold mining

Heavily sedimented Mutare River at Mutare Bridge along Mutare – Harare road as a result of alluvial gold mining by Mecpure Alluvial Gold Mining. The activity has an effect of corroding irrigation pipes, causing pump failures, silting rivers as well as increasing the cost of drinking water. The water is also unfit for drinking by domestic and wild animals
Opened Sludge dam at a mine site
An opened full slimes/sludge dam at an alluvial gold mine. The released sludge increased water pollution in Mutare. The dam is below the recommended standard and is very close to the river.
Meeting sludge water and water in Mutare
The photo is showing the effect of the released sludge from a sludge dam into Mutare River at one of Mecpure alluvial gold processing plant about 800 metres from Mutare Bridge.

Gold Processing Machine

Mecpure alluvial gold processing equipment at one of the company’s processing site.

Gold Sampling
Sampling of alluvial gold in Mutare River at one of Mecpure processing site. Dirty water from the plant was being directly released back into the river a few metres from this point.

Alluvial gold processing under way at one of Mecpure processing plant. The set up of the plant fell short of meeting the minimum required standard. The pollutants were easily getting into Mutare River.
A front loader disposing mineral rich soil into a alluvial gold processing plant.
A hurriedly made canal to remove dirty water from an alluvial gold processing site, direct into the Mutare River thereby heavily polluting the river. The sludge dam at this site was too small to contain the volume of sludge water from a processing plant hence some sludge water was being released direct into the Mutare.
A sludge dam that was observed to be failing to contain polluted water from a processing plant. Though recycling was being done, polluted water was directly flowing back into Mutare River.
A canal taking sludge from a processing plant into Mutare River.









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